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Concert Volunteer Opportunities


Do you attend our concerts?
At each one, we need several volunteers.

We set up the necessary tables or counters, provide the materials and instructions, and take everything down after the concert. You are the staff, acting as host or hostess outside the concert hall, and answering questions as you are able.

If you would be willing to fulfill any of these functions, at contact us. Let us know if you have a particular concert or locale in mind. Concert volunteers always hear the concert for free.


Friends Table

The Friends Table holds information about our organization (newsletters, flyers, pictures, a notebook documenting our history) and must be staffed before and after the concert.


CD Sales

At each concert our CD will be for sale. We need volunteers to sell the CD, handle the money (cash or checks), and keep the necessary records for sales tax purposes.


Ticket Sales

For some of our concerts, there is an admission charge. We need people to sell the tickets.



Sample duties of ushers: Take tickets. Hand out programs. Help concertgoers find seats. Count the audience, once the concert is well underway.

Professional Volunteer Opportunities


Are you a lawyer, accountant, insurance executive, or other professional willing to lend your expertise to a small non-profit organization? From time to time, we have need of your services.
Please contact us.


Board of Directors

Each year we have places for several community members on our Board. We need persons with an interest in our activities, whether or not they have particular professional expertise to offer.
To voice an interest, email us.


Host A Concert

Do you know of a venue that would like to host one of our concerts? We would love to learn of new opportunities.
Contact Karen Thompson by e-mail or call (817) 239-6974

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